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Webinar | Drone bathymetry & data processing for single and dual-frequency echo sounders


Introduced by SPH Engineering in spring 2020, 'UAV+echo sounder' integration has become in high demand for mapping, measuring, and inspecting tasks as well as environmental monitoring of in-land and coastal waters.

A UAV drone equipped with a single or dual echo sounder allows to collect data with high accuracy faster due to easy transportation and fast deployment and it is 2 times more cost-efficient compared to the traditional methods. It has the ability to operate at hard to reach locations, unsafe or hazardous environment. Locations not reachable by foot or dangerous for a human (steep coasts, mining pits, contaminated waters, terrain obstacles, etc.) as well as waters of ponds, lakes, and canals can be reached by a drone.


Join the webinar to learn about: 

  • Overview (system components, application workflow)
  • Data processing of single and dual-frequency echo sounders in Hydromagic - demo using samples from real surveys.

Join the webinar to learn about real application scenarios from Europe and Israel.
Participation is free. Follow-up materials will be provided to registered participants.

Save the date: December 16!

8 AM Los Angeles, CA, USA (PST = GMT-7)
10:00 Mexico City, Mexico (CST = GMT-5)
11:00 Toronto, Canada (EST = GMT-4)
11 AM New York, NY, USA (EST = GMT-4)
18:00 Riga, Latvia (EET = GMT+2)
20:00 Dubai, UAE (GMT+4)
00:00 Beijing, China (CST = GMT+8)
01:00 Tokyo, Japan (JST = GMT+9)

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