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We're changing the name of our Facebook page


10 October, 2020, Riga - For more precise presentation of all developed products and offered solution of SPH Engineering's a decision is made to change the name the Facebook's page from "UgCS - Universal Ground Control Software" to "SPH Engineering".

SPH Engineering is founded 2013, being the official enterprise behind the drone ground control software UgCS.

There is no doubt, that UgCS is the most known product of SPH Engineering, furthermore - being the main flagship of SPH Engineering, often UgCS stood in the forefront become the brand with which our company was identified. Therefore up till now the Facebook page was named "UgCS - Universal Ground Control Software".

In the last 3 years the product and service portfolio of SPH Engineering has grown, adding the Drone Show Software for management of mesmerizing drone light shows (DroneShowSoftware.com), drone-based solutions for industrial inspections (industrial.ugcs.com), AI-powered data processing solution ATLAS (atlas.ugcs.com). Also the core product-line of UgCS (ugcs.com) is enriched with related projects like offline map creation software UgCS Mapper (mapper.ugcs.com), centralized drone operations solution UgCS CC enabling distant video monitoring and UgCS Commander - a tool to manage multiple UAV missions in parallel.

To provide a clear message to the Facebook community, a decision was made to rename the Facebook page from "UgCS - Universal Ground Control Software" to "SPH Engineering". The new name will clearly represent that SPH Engineering is the company behind not only the core software UgCS but also Drone Show Software, ATLAS, UgCS Industrial Solutions, UgCS Mapper, UgCS CC, UgCS Commander and some more inovative products in nearest future.

The link and content published on the Facebook page will remain the same - the only change is the name. Like, share and follow: https://www.facebook.com/SPHEngineering!

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