SPH Engineering announces webinar "ATLAS for Agriculture: Precision farming insights without data science"


We are used to thinking that UAV and satellite data analysis requires tedious and time-consuming manual operations and a good data science background or GIS knowledge. What if we could detect pests, count trees, and calculate crop areas in no time and at a fraction of the cost?

Join the free webinar and learn how to employ AI and turn your aerial images into precision farming insights without any GIS or data science knowledge!

Webinar agenda:

  1. What ATLAS is about and how it applies AI algorithms to automate data analysis tasks
  2. Why users don't need GIS and data science knowledge to make use of AI
  3. Success story #1 about the time saved on localizing weed patches within large areas of beetroot
  4. Success story #2 about processing airborne multispectral imaging for crop health analysis
  5. Success story #3 about precise tree counting.

Duration: 1,5h

Speaker: Alexey Yankelevich, Co-Founder and Head of Software Development, SPH Engineering

Date/Time/Language: the webinar will be available in 3 languages:


April 1st, 2021

8 AM Los Angeles, USA (PST=GMT-7)

17:00 Berlin, Germany (GMT+2)

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时间:2021年4月8日 北京时间15:00(GMT+8)



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22 de Abril

09:00 Mexico City, Mexico (CST = GMT-6)

17:00 Madrid, Spain (CET = GMT+2)

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