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LNT TV | GPR-drone integrated system delivered to coordinates in Greenland


It was a pleasure to be visited by local news TV LNT Latvija to share our story on what triggered #SPHEngineering to invent the #GPRdrone_integrated_system and about its real-life testing during Greenlands' expedition https://tvplay.skaties.lv/900-sekund…/900-sekundes-10284149/ "We love bold projects! We were approached by a customer with the need to search for lost airplanes beneath 100m ice-layer. The solution had to be delivered not to an address but to certain coordinates on Greenlands ice cap - sound like a right project for UgCS - Universal Ground Control Software. An onboard computer was developed to ensure the integration of GPR, drone and #UgCS and me and our CTO delivered the solution to Greenlands ice cap to be used during the expedition to locate the Lost squadron", says Janis Kuze, Sales director.

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